From Christian Leaders

"God's Story is one of the most powerful Christian videos ever created.  Dean Jones' narration is Academy Award caliber."
George Otis, Global Broadcasting Network

"The beauty of the video is that it cuts right across the barriers of illiteracy and education to share the Gospel." 
Global Link, Prison Fellowship International

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Christian Leader Comments


"My two preschool children keep asking to see 'God's video.'  The video opened the door for me to tell them about Jesus and salvation."
Kelli Yani, Lake Elsinore, CA

"I want to use God's Story for homeschooling."
Cindy Gade, Covina, CA

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Ministry by Individuals

"Please send me eight more copies of God's Story. I want to get these in the hands of some of my NHL buddies."
Doug Buhr, Stockton, CA (Former LA Kings hockey professional)

The God's Story video is fabulous and I want to order two more. Hopefully I can show it to a gal from Thailand one from China this week before they leave! I am praying they will be willing."
Linda Knapp, Eugene, OR

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Ministry by Individuals Comments


"The guards said that the boys I work with wouldn't watch a video. Well those young felons not only watched God's Story, they applauded at the end and one boy prayed with me, asking Jesus to be his Savior!"
James Travis, High Point, NC

"I feel the tape showed to me, and the other inmates, is the only rehabilitation this institution has demonstrated.  It is totally inspirational."
Prisoner, County Jail, Phoenix, AZ

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Reactions From Individual Viewers Around the World

  "The most anointed, inspired biblical movie that I  have ever seen!"
Mary Murray, Brisbane, Australia

"I bought a copy for my grandson but we both love it. It sends a clear message. Thank you!"
Laverne Michals, Atlanta, GA

"From India we have only been in the USA for one year. We must thank you. The video you loaned us gave our family great understanding of the Christian Bible.  I apologize for not returning it sooner but the rest of my family here wanted to see it too."
"Frank," Convenience Store Owner, CA

"This movie was so easy to understand. I learned  some things about the Bible that I never knew before."
Robbie Shoop (93 years old) Nashville, TN

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Viewers in World Comments

Missions Leaders and Workers

"I saw the God's Story video. My work is with the Yanamamo Indians of  the Amazon Rain Forest.  They can't read, but we could teach them about Jesus and the Creator God by using this film.  We need it now!"
Gary Dawson, Venezuela (Forty years among the Yanamamo.)

"I love this video. It's the Gospel and discipleship all in one. Can we get it in Spanish to use when our ship 'Spirit' arrives in Honduras?"
Alex  Jurez, Friend Ships, Galveston, TX

[In Japan] "Our people are already using this video widely to complement the Mission's evangelistic efforts. We have found that it is an excellent video to show before we show the 'Jesus' video.
The reason being, that it explains who Jesus is and why He came. 
"Many in Japan see the Jesus video and think He was a good man with good teachings like Buddha or Mohammed.
"The fact that Jesus is the Son of the one and only God - and they are one, is lost. God's Story makes it clear that Jesus was sent of God as part of a great redemptive plan. We pray that many would be impacted throughout the world for the Gospel by God's Story."

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Missions Leaders and Workers Comments

God's Story Viewer Comments
Just a few of the many exciting letters received about the video,
God's Story: From Creation to Eternity.
Responses from the USA and abroad,
from families, Christian leaders, prisoners and seekers of truth

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