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To aid in "Catching the Vision," of the God's Story video,
we offer here a few more of the thousands of viewer responses

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Christian leaders

"The best video ever made."
Colonel John Fain, Founder Military Division Campus Crusade For Christ

"Dramatically narrated, imaginative, stirring music."
Missionary Aviation Fellowship

"Superb quality!  I trust you will be able to translate it into many languages to share around the world."
Richard D. Jacquin, World Radio HCJB, Colorado Springs, CO

"...true to the Scriptures ...fantastic method to communicate the gospel."                                   The Pentecostal Messenger Magazine

"This video will 'play well' in any culture and really get Christ's message of hope across to the viewer !"
Bill Kliewer,  Director International Resources, World Vision International

"We work with many languages in Asia. I can see real potential for its use there."
Rev. Gerald Dykema,  OMF  International, Canada

"Very true to the Bible...We plan to let all of our translators know about the new tool...We want to work with you."
Durk Meijer Director SIL (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

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More From Around the World

"I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. How can I help get a Latvian version to our pastors?"
 Ilze Kalnins (citizen of Latvia)

"We rented your God's Story video and I desire to purchase the film."
Jose Giuste San Juan, Puerto Rico

I am writing you because one night while in a depressing moment I seen God's Story and I became happy." S.H. in PA, USA

"The Brazilian people are quite God conscious. We saw your video and would like to have it in Portuguese."
Lou Knowlton, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  "I just watched the video cassette and I blessed. At the end of your video cassette you announce that you will send the booklet for those who want it and I am the one who want it. 
"I am a believer. I have ambition to know about God's Story more and more so I thank you that you give me this chance for me. With love your brother in Christ in Israel
[Name withheld for security]

I was watching your video of the Lord Jesus on the TV and I realized that I only know a little about the Lord and what he wants me to do or what I need to do to be me...pray for me...
H.H. Hawaii, USA

"I am 15 years old. I saw your program on the Worship channel, "God's Promise." [Story] It was beautiful.  I would like to know more about God's Promise."
Stefanie Benyard PA, USA

"My sister and I would like to tell you how much we appreciated your show [God's Story on TV] and we would like to donate $1 dollar each."
Gregory and Nancy Mousseau  PA, USA

"I recently viewed the God's Story video and thought that it makes a great witnessing tool...I am interested in knowing how I might help you with distribution and/or sponsorship."
John Evans, MA, USA

Recently, at a general Christian seminar being taught by the script writer of God's Story, an attendee noticed a copy of  among the supplies in the speaker's briefcase. He grabbed it and said, " I love this video. I'd been trying for a long time to witness to my 12 year-old stepsister and I bought this video hoping she would watch it with me. She did, and afterwards she prayed, asking Jesus to be her Savior. Now she walks around the house singing praise songs!" He then asked the script writer, "How did you happen to get a copy of this video?"
Arron Galveston,TX USA

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