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To aid in "Catching the Vision," of the God's Story video,
we offer here a few more of the thousands of viewer responses

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People in Ministry

"... magnificent job of taking key lines from the Bible of history and truth, making the story both interesting yet very purposeful and redemptive. Well done!"
Pastor Richard Christen, First Baptist Church, Hemet, CA

"We keep running out of copies. Our customers are coming back to buy videos for their friends."
Suzanne & Leon Mailhot, Heaven's Heart, Sun Lakes, CA

[This email came in from an Egyptian man who ministers among Arabic speaking people in the USA. With the help of a donor, he purchased 50 ministry copies of  in Arabic to freely distribute.]
"I just received several phone calls about . It is the greatest ever. EXPLOSION!!!! One tape traveled from home to home. Some announced, 'This is the first production we've ever seen in Arabic.'
Another said, 'We need enough tapes to cover 15,000 Arabs living in the El Cajon area alone.'
"One Muslim man asked for the Bible in Arabic to read the story of God in detail.
"I've just gotten started and I am almost out of the tapes I got from you! Please pray with us, I need more tapes.
"Also, do you know anyone that could help us get a master tape for overseas distribution? So little on the Bible has been done In Arabic. The video in Arabic would bless millions over there."
Victor K. San Diego CA

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More From
Missions Leaders & Workers

"This video in Spanish will be a tremendous witness for our work with the Oaxacan Indians in Baja."
 Steve & Kathy Higgens, Cherry Valley, CA)

 "The one review copy we have is in constant use by those fortunate enough to get it."
[While final production edits take place on Quechua, a South American Indian language, the above report came in from missionary translation partner, Mary Hurst]

 "My wife and I have been in Senegal since 1981, seeking to get the Gospel out to the Muslim community here.
 "I just watched the English version of "God's Story" and am very impressed. The producers have done a superb job in bringing together the essentials of the story and plan of salvation...and all in a little more than one hour. What a powerful presentation of the message of the prophets and the redemptive work of Christ!  "In my opinion, this video has potential to make a greater impact for the progress of the Gospel than any other film in history (at least in the Muslim context)!"

[Name withheld for security]

 [We now have Mandarin on VCD format as well as on VHS tape. Surprisingly, almost all videos viewed in China are seen using VCD's. Following are just a few of the first reports getting back to us.]
From Christians in China viewing Mandarin: 
"This is the best tool in Mandarin for the Gospel we have ever seen."
"The narration is very clear and the timing of narration is superb!"
"It makes one understand the Bible more clearly."
 "It is a good eye-opener for new believers and especially for unbelievers
 [Names withheld for security]

From Non-Christians in China viewing Mandarin:
"It gave us a deeper insight about the Christian God."
"We never realized as much that God had such a marvelous plan for mankind until we saw this film!"
"It challenged me to take more serious thoughts about God!"

[Names withheld for security]

 "We only use the New Testament to teach our people because the Old Testament is about Jews. But now, after seeing this video, we understand why it is written that way. God used the Jews to bring us Jesus. We will now use the Old and New Testaments."
[Letter from missionary working among Arabs. He showed the God's Story video to 20 Christian-Arab pastors.
[Name withheld for security]

"After these workers come and hear the Gospel, we give them a God's Story video. We just got requests for 700 more!"
From a missionary using the Mandarin God's Story to work with Chinese nationals who are temporary workers in a foreign country where Christian are restricted by the government
[Name withheld for security]

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