Excited viewers write telling us the many ways they are using the video, God's Story: From Creation to Eternity

For viewing this
 80-minute panorama of the Bible
in more than one showing, we have integrated numerous options in the video.

1. You can watch the complete 80-minute video in one showing

2. You may view 14 INDIVIDUAL STORIES. Each has a distinct beginning and ending in the narration, but most move quickly into the next story. The stories vary from 1 to 10 minutes in length

3. You may view the video in thirds. The breaks at the completion of each third have definite narration and visual endings. (Times given below do not include the credits at the beginning and end of video.)

Section I---Creation through Joseph, Genesis
26 minutes 

Section II---Exodus through the Prophets (to end of Old Testament)
20.3 minutes

Section III-- Jesus to Eternity, Matthew through Revelation (to end of New Testament)
28.5 minutes

4. You can watch the video in two natural parts, the first part being 33.5 minutes long and ending after Moses leads in the crossing of the Red Sea. 

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Places and Ways
to Use God's Story

1. Gather your whole family to watch the video and then afterwards, read together out of the Bible the stories you have just seen.

2. Use for study groups of any age. You can show video in segments and then use the illustrated stories as a springboard for discussion.

3. Give copies to prison ministries. (We have a list of ministries which need copies)

4. Invite the neighborhood kids in to "watch a video together."

5. Loan out copies of God's Story in  languages that meet the needs of ethnic groups in your area.

6. Courier-in copies of translations to countries which suppress use of the Bible.

7. Give the video to missionaries in the language of the people with whom they work.

8. Loan out God's Story videos to friends as a way to introduce them to the Bible, and to pave the way for further dialog about God's interest in them.

9. Contact The God's Story Project to find  the special ways you can use the  God's Story video to blanket a whole neighborhood with the Gospel.