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Distribution of God' s Story and
Translation into other languages


We at The God's Story Project welcome your involvement in distribution of the God's Story video and translation into added languages.

In some languages we sell master tapes to ministries so that they may freely duplicate and distribute God's Story. In a few countries we still offer opportunities for commercial distributorships of God's Story

To ministries and churches we offer a special God's Story package for neighborhood door-to-door evangelism.


Many new languages come into existence because someone who cares about a language-group becomes involved as a script translator, narrator, sponsor or distributor. For more insight into The God's Story Project, check the web site

For more information on distribution or translation, email or contact:

The God's Story Project:
43500 Cactus Valley Road
Hemet CA 92544 USA
Tel 909.658-1619 or Fax 909.658-9189

Please try to write your letter in English. If this is not possible, we will respond in your language, but there may be a long time delay since we must go outside of our office staff to translate your letter 

Even though we produce God's Story in many different languages, we usually do the translating and narrating in the country for which the language is native. At our headquarters in California, USA, we are English speaking.

Be assured that if you respond in even the most basic of English, we will deeply appreciate your efforts to accommodate us. In your letter, feel free to also write the same response in your own language. Then, if we cannot understand the English section, we will seek an outside translator to help us read and respond.

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