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To aid in "Catching the Vision," of the God's Story video,
we offer here a few more of the thousands of viewer responses

More From Families

"My wife and I (and our three, kids age 6 to 11) watched the video together.  It prompted lots of lively  discussion and we plan to use it in our youth group."
John Mastrangeli, Sugar Land, TX High school youth leader

"I need  a copy for my grandson.  He's been asking me questions that are answered in this video."
 Pauline Mosby, San Jacinto, CA

"Your videos about God's story has been inspirational and an easy way to follow the Bible. I recommend it to anyone, especially to families with young children."
Gloria Kotka Lindenwold NJ

 "The visual images both capture the essence of the Scriptures and beautifully portray people's  emotions." 
Wanda Schlosser, Children's Ministry, Ontario, CA

"I found it hard explain about Jesus to my kids. But when I was watching the God's Story video my five year old son said, "Momma, why are you crying.?  I said because of what they did to Jesus." 
Now he keeps watching the video and asking me questions because he wants to understand."
Snack Bar Attendant in Bowling Alley USA

Recently one of the production partners in the USA adopted a 12 year old Russian orphan boy. The boy had no English language skills. His new father decided to play just a portion of the video in Russian for his son—one story—each night during their evening devotions together.
After several weeks they had watched the whole video together including the ending which invites viewers to pray and ask Jesus to be their Savior.
The next day the young lad, using his just acquired English, told his new dad, "Poppa, I prayed that prayer."
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

 More From Prisoners

"I've been trying to read the Bible only the last two days.  I have many questions and this video helped." Prisoner, County Jail, Phoenix, AZ

"The God's Story video was an uplifting reminder of what one must do to achieve everlasting life. The prayer at the end had a profound effect on me personally."
 Inmate County Jail

"On behalf of all the women at the Calif. Institute for Women we extend our loving and sincere thanks for the kindness you have shown in donating "God's Story." We got to see some of it Friday night and the rest on Saturday.  It is awesome!"
K.D.  P.S. "Only God knows how many women will get saved because of your kindness." (Excerpt from letter forwarded to us from the video donor)

 "In Russia, my team can set up a TV in the hall between the cells and everyone watches the showing.
"The God's Story video continues to bring prisoners to the Lord. It won't surprise me if we see millions in heaven that came to know Jesus through the video.
"Also some of our workers are using the video in children's summer camps in Belarus."
Dr. Lindsay (whose earlier praise letter about the use of the Russian God's Story letter can be read here in the Premier Edition of The God's Story Report by
clicking here) continues to tell us about the success of the God's Story video in her prison outreach.

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