Holy Hip Hop Mix  
God's Story: (Listen to Sample)
It's all Good in the hood

Is God the Creator of life? Does He care?
Does He speak?

In the hood, these questions are asked everyday. Modavador g uses Spoken Word to Speak God's Word to tell a story that needs to be told. It's God's Story: It's All Good In The Hood hip hop mix. It's spiritual and biblical with a worldwide hood hip hop twist that engages the listener to meditate on these things:

Genesis to Revelation like it you never heard it told!

    1. Poetry in Motion***How can God's Word reach the streets on hip hop beats?

    2. Word Up***What's up, who wrote the Bible?

    3. He Worked It***God's Creation: Was it a Big Bang?

    4. Life Was Aright***Once before was it "All Good in the Hood?"

    5. But We All Fall Down***Can we stand on our own?

    6. There's Still Hope***Why did God love so much?

    7. The First Murder in the Hood*** Cain & Abel: Brotherly Love, What?"

    8. A Man's Hope Floats a Boat***Noah: What kind of faith it takes?

    9. Workin' the Turf***How many idols are in your hood?

    10. The Blood Line***Are you in line to receive God's promise?

    11. This Son of Mine***Can God squash the drama between one father, two sons and the baby's mamas?

    12. Yo, Let My People Go!***Can God take those shackles off?

    13. Under Attack: He Has You Back***Does God have your enemies in check?

    14. Commandments for the Street***Can you ride God's Law like a see saw?

    15. The Prophets***What was their Spoken Word?

    16. Born to Answer***First arrival ever or first one here?

    17. He's All Good***Jesus, good or Good God?

    18. The Set Up**God Knew But what did man do?

    19. His D-B-R***Why Live? Why Die? Why Live again?

    20. Just 4 U***Do you know what Jesus wants for you?