Holy Hip Hop It's All Good in the Hood

God's Story:
It's All Good in the Hood
Holy Hip Hop Mix!

            Modavador gModavador g
 Known as the father of Holy Hip Hop, George Salter, a.k.a. Modavador g, grew up fast on the streets of Buffalo, New York, only coming to Jesus in his late 30s. His lyrics bridge the gap, between the church and the streets, when he speaks God's Word over hip hop beats

In God's Story: It's All Good in The Hood, Modavador g uses spoken word to speak God's word. Speaking in lyrical terms, Modavador g tells the story of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation. Going from Creation through key Old Testament stories lays a clear foundation for understanding who Jesus is, and why he came to die.

Struggling with dyslexia made reading hard for Modavador, yet he kept to the grind, graduating from university with honors and doing graduate seminary work.  

Still today, Modavador prefers hearing a story more than reading a story. So when the opportunity came to translate and narrate God's Story into hip hop, he didn't hesitate.

"Using my gifts as a lyricist to present the whole Bible in spoken word was God's great gift. It is my hope that all people, yes even those like me who grew up in the hood, will discover that God is good and that He keeps His promises to His people.

"To all my peeps, God's Story took me deep into God's Word. Come with me cuz' God's Story (truly) is all good in the hood. All praises go to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Peace & Blessings,

Modavador g"

Modavador g served four years doing preaching/teaching as Associate Minister & Director of Hip Hop Ministry at First Missionary Baptist Church in Marin City, CA.  Modavador's ministry includes five albums. He now mentors emcees, within the United States and abroad to, "Use Spoken Word to Speak God's Word."

G is married, father of two and cofounder of House 2 House Ministries.

It's All Good in the Hood hip hop mix became the 100th language version production of The God's Story Project. The awesome impact of God's Story comes from its design of covering the whole Bible in storytelling format.

For more information on training seminars for emcees, in USA and abroad, contact Modavador g  modavadorg@biblevideo.org