Postage & Shipping Costs Outside of the USA

Because of security needs, customs practices, speed of delivery and rates,
buyer's choices of delivery vary greatly from country to country.
Please take note of the many possible methods of delivery and
choose the one best suited to your needs.

Note that USPS air or ground is usually the least expensive but cannot be tracked,
so unless you add the slight amount they charge to insure,
we cannot be responsible for orders via USPS which are stolen or do not arrive.

We can deliver using USPS (air or ground), Fed-Ex, UPS or DHL

Deliveries outside of USA require more handling on our part, so for all carriers except for DHL, we require:

    On orders of 1-2 videos—$5.00 packaging & handling, PLUS POSTAGE
    On orders of 4-6 videos—$7.50 packaging & handling, PLUS POSTAGE
    On orders of 7-20 videos-$10.00 packaging & handling, PLUS POSTAGE
    20 videos & up-$10.00 plus $1.00 for each added 5 videos, PLUS POSTAGE

DHL deliveries are the most secure but require more paperwork than other shippers.
So for DHL we require:
For orders of 1-10—$10.00 for packaging & handling PLUS POSTAGE
For orders of 10 or more—$15.00 for packaging & handling PLUS POSTAGE

To compute postage for orders outside of USA and Canada, please go to the free rate-calculators on the Internet and select USPS, UPS or FedEx.
If you want DHL, or you need help in computing your cost, you may email us the list of the items you want, how many of each, and the method of delivery you prefer. We will promptly e-mail back the total charges of merchandise, packaging & handling, and postage.

Important Information: Video machines in the USA will only play NTSC formatted tapes.
Most other countries use video players that will only use PAL formatted tapes.
Be sure and specify the correct format on all videos ordered.

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