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Those new to the Bible—Those who know it well...all appreciate this fast-moving 80-minute Bible video jacket of Christian Bible video, God's Story, overview of Holy Scriptures narrated by Dean Jones
   God's Story:
From Creation to Eternity
            Available in World Languages
   Multitalented Walt Disney stars,
actor Dean Jones & artist Norm McGary,
bring Bible characters alive
.Find out for yourself why 
the Christian Bible ranks as 
the best-selling book of all time!



See how Old Testament stories & prophecies lay the foundation for understanding the life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament

GAs seen in God' s Story, Christian Bible video, Abraham & Isaacod's Story Bible video provides an easy to understand...entertaining...yet enlightening overview of the Holy Scripture upon which Christian belief and Judeo Christian values are based.

Right now you can listen to this whole Bible video in your choice of languages.

Provide this Bible video for your family, friends or study group.  Its full presentation of the Holy Scriptures makes it useful for many repeat viewings.

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Plan of Salvation

Sein Plan

Synopsis de
  l'Histoire de Dieu

La Historia de Dios: synopsis

Resume e
Historise se Zotit

Istoria lui Dumnezeu-Rezum t

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